Cooper Standard France is reinvesting

Cooper Standard car equipment

Affected by the downturn in the French car sector, the French subsidiary of the American Cooper Standard group (Rennes and Vitré, 980 employees, €232.9M turnover in 2014) has put forward a specialisation plan focused on the manufacture of anti-vibration systems (Rennes) and sealing joints (Vitré). The equipment manufacturer is also planning to inject a budget allowance of €12 to 14M for 18,000 m2 of new industrial space, but this goes hand-in-hand with a social and employee transfer plan. The 4-5% recovery in Europe should however limit the number of redundancies. Cooper Standard is also delighted to have the German Mercedes as a new customer. Note that Cooper Standard has inaugurated the first business chair at the Foundation of the University Rennes 1. This five-year partnership will relate to materials (reduced CO2 emissions, hybrid engines, filtration, elastomers and engine temperatures).

Source : API Newsletter – 28/09/2015, Journal des Entreprises – 03/11/2015, Ouest-France Entreprises – 15/11/2015
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