Cooper Standard reorganisation and investments in Vitré and Rennes

Present in 20 countries with 97 production units and 10 design centres, the American group Cooper Standard invested €62 M in its two plants located in Rennes and Vitré, as part of a reorganisation.

Inaugurated in March, the new Rennes plant, located at La Barre Thomas, produces anti-vibration systems for cars on a site of 19,000 m². A hundred employees are dedicated to R&D and work for the entire group at the European level. The site produces 450 references for manufacturers such as PSA (54% of the activity), Ford (6%), Nissan, Renault and Daimler, as well as equipment manufacturers. Every day, 4 to 5 T of rubber is manufactured and 200,000 pieces sold, generating a turnover of €4 M per month.

The Vitré site, which specialises in vehicle weather strips, has been reconfigured to 80% to increase the workforce from 600 to 900 in two years, in particular to accommodate at least 125 transfers from Rennes. Innovative in rubber plastic alternatives, the site intends to produce foams, acquire a new €100 k acoustic chamber and evolve into a factory 4.0 with training sessions using virtual reality helmet sets.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 20/03/2017 & 10/04/2017