Copeeks looking to be the farmers’ third eye

Photo credit : Copeeks

Winner of the New Ideas Award of the Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, Copeeks (Lannion) developed a solution to remotely and smartly monitor crops and livestock. “We complement on-site visits to farmers and livestock breeders“, Gwénaël Le Lay, the founder of the startup explains. “We provide them with information and context to support their decision-making process. We are the third eye.

The solution, that operates both indoors and outdoors, relies on a unit that can take snapshots, videos, record sounds, the latter being synchronised to a number of sensors, the unit being transferred to a secure platform that provides a report of the status of a field or the behaviour of animals inside a building. In a simplified manner. “We have incorporated a conversational agent to our solution to allow professionals who are not very comfortable with digital technology to use our tools easily.

At this point, Copeeks targets cooperatives, groups specialising in seeds and plant protection products, animal nutrition specialists, then major farms by 2019-2020. The SME plans to raise €600k in the course of 2018 as well as to create 3 or 4 new jobs, namely to step up its sales and marketing team.


Source : Lettre API –12/02/2018

Photo credit : Copeeks