Coriolis Composites wishes to make its mark in the car industry

Coriolis Composite

Specialising in software and hardware design for composite material structures, Coriolis Composites (Queven, ~100 employees, €20M turnover, 80% to export) has raised funds through ACE Management and the Fonds Avenir Automobile (FAA, managed by Bpifrance). They now hold capital along with the founders, C. Gallet and A. Hamyln, and the regional investor Société Financière Lorient Développement (SFLD). Coriolis works traditionally for the aeronautical and space markets but is now hoping to enter the car industry which is looking to increase the share of composite materials in vehicles. The FAA considers that the company is the most likely to offer effective solutions to penetrate this market, in terms of both competitiveness and productivity. Coriolis Composites is also expanding into renewable energy. It is currently working the Hydrofan project to develop a composite wind turbine blade. The company has its own Design Office and has already lodged more than twenty patents.

Sources : API Newsletter – 10/09/2015, FinYear – 07/10/2015
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