Cummins Filtration in Quimper enhances its production, R&D and workforce

Photo credit : Cummins Filtration


In 2017, the American group Cummins filtration, specialist in engines for heavy goods vehicles and filter manufacturer, transferred some of its production to Quimper from its Izmir site. Three new production lines thus joined the four existing ones in Bretagne to manufacture filters and new products. This return generated 20 jobs in 2017 for a total workforce of 360 employees at Quimper at the end of the year. New jobs should also further strengthen the Breton teams in 2018.

Not only is Cummins reinforcing its industrial activities in Quimper, but the management at this subsidiary wishes to make its Breton plant a ‘site of excellence and product innovation for the group’s filtration branch’ aiming to set itself apart from the competition and present innovative products that comply with the strictest pollution control standards.

This vision of the Quimper positioning was presented to executives at the American headquarters, who approved it. These development efforts for new product ranges will go as far as implementing new industrial processes. It also requires investment in development resources and laboratory tests.

The Bretagne Region, local authorities and Quimper Bretagne Occidentale support the company in its development.


Sources: Community council of Quimper Bretagne Occidentale, Les Echos – 23/07/2017

Photo credit : Cummins Filtration