Cummins filtration will create 21 jobs

The US group Cummins filtration, a truck engine specialist and filter manufacturer, will repatriate part of the Izmir site’s production to its quimper site in 2017, with an investment programme of €2.75 M over 3 years. Three new production lines will be added to the existing four for the production of filters and new products. 21 jobs will be created, in addition to the current 340 jobs.

In addition, the group wishes to make Quimper the site of excellence in product innovation/industrial processes in the Cummins filtration branch. The Breton site wants to differentiate itself from the competition by proposing innovative products meeting the most stringent anti-pollution standards, the goal of this 3-year programme. These efforts to develop new product lines will go as far as implementing new industrial processes. It also requires investments in development facilities and laboratory testing. Local authorities are providing €400,000 in innovation support.

Source : Quimper Bretagne Occidentale, June 2017

Photo credit : Cummins Filtration