Delta Dore makes our houses smart

The home automation specialist Delta Dore (Bonnemain, 840 employees, €141M turnover 2016, 33% exported) has shown excellent growth of 20% in five years. The company offers a catalogue of 1,500 items covering alarms, boxes for running the heating or lighting, remote controls and sensors and markets especially the Tydom application to control your house remotely using a tablet or smartphone. It has also worked with EDF in developing Sowee, a connected station attached to an application designed to run the gas heating.

Delta Dore devotes 10% of its turnover to R&D for 35 published patents. Delta Dore has subsidiaries in Europe and Asia (Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, China, Philippines and Singapore) and two production sites in France (Bonnemain and Etrelles in Bretagne) where €1M has been invested over three years; an additional €2M are expected by end 2017. The group should focus its strategy on its EU development and ultimately intends to achieve 60% of its turnover outside France, whilst keeping its production and R&D in France to ensure its high-end position.

Sources : Ouest France – 06/04/2017, API Newsletter – 28/04/2017, API Newsletter – 14/06/2017

Photo credit : Mitsubishi Electric