Diana Pet Food : Drying tower at Elven and factory in Spain

World leader in dog and cat feed palatability, Diana Pet Food (Elven, 970 employees) is continuing to invest in its head office and its international expansion. Now present on five continents, the company has 18 sales offices and 17 manufacturing sites in Europe, North and South America, Asia, South Africa and Australia. Having installed a factory in China, other major projects are in progress, including a factory in Spain at end 2017, a new drying tower in Elven to increase capacity and 1,000 m2 of additional offices, without forgetting a new factory in Colombia in 2018.

The company is constantly investing in its production tools and R&D departments, converting them into a genuine hotel for domestic pets. It intends to continue its expansion into health nutrition, anti-oxidants and anti-microbial agents in the years to come.

Sources : Journal des Entreprises – 05/01/2017, Ouest France – 18/05/2017