Domopig, the pig data conversion platform being testing in 2016

Sponsored by Kerhis (Châteaulin) with the support of the regional authorities, Domopig is a research project for a global amount of €2M. The aim is to create a platform whereby all computer data generated by the pig farms can be collected and developed to optimise management (temperature sensors, energy supply, ventilation, etc.). The data will be communicated to farmers, machinery manufacturers, pig groups, processors, etc. to optimise the various parameters and anticipate health problems better, adjust animal deliveries to the processors in line with their requirements, etc.

The Domopig consortium is supported by Meito, CRA de Bretagne and the companies Asserva, Acemo, Sodalec, Tuffigo Rapidex, Soléa Concept, Allflex and Ijinus. They anticipate the first experiments by end 2016 and plan to inject an additional €1M to create a development solution for the entire sector.


Source : L’Usine Digitale – 03/03/2016

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