Eau & industrie with new ideas in the wastewater treatment market

Eau & industrie

A water cycle specialist, the Eau & industrie engineering firm (Pluméliau) has developed an innovative process for modernising lagoon type treatment plants used in areas with fewer than two thousand inhabitants. The process reuses the existing facilities as much as possible and is adding a nitrogen and phosphorous treatment unit to improve the plant’s efficiency whilst reducing costs compared with installing an activated sludge plant. This process has been undergoing tests at Pluméliau for two years and has just received an award notably at the Crisalide Innovation competition. Eau & industrie wish to replicate this in other municipalities, relying mainly on the other entities in the Utilities Performance group (100 employees, €10M turnover).

Source : API newsletter – 16/06/2015
Photo credit :  techniques-ingenieur.fr

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