EcoTree launches tree subscription to protect our forest heritage

EcoTree (Brest) aims to reforest the territories and claims to have already planted more than 8,000 trees in one year, which absorbed more than 83 T of CO2, equivalent to 167 Paris-New York flights.

It offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to purchase trees on a previously acquired parcel of land, and then to help manage the tree. The proceeds from harvesting are refunded to the financers of the operation. Currently, the SME contributes to the maintenance and reforestation of 7 forests. Now, it also offers individuals and companies a monthly subscription service, with an average basket of €125 to 200 for 14 trees.

EcoTree has just opened an office in Paris and is finalising €1 million worth of fund raising. It hopes to become the national benchmark in its sector before expanding to export.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 05/04/2017 

Photo credit : EcoTree