Efelya wants to simplify the detection of high-risk pregnancies

Photo credit : Efelya

Laureate of the e-Health Awards, the start-up Efelya (Vannes) is preparing the release of its platform dedicated to pregnancy monitoring which aims to improve the treatment of pregnant women in emerging countries or those in large medical deserts.

This platform gives access to a questionnaire to detect the six most common pathologies of a pregnancy at risk and informs the first protocols to follow, in accordance with the international recommendations. The users then receive a “pregnancy passport” which allows them to enter the results of their examinations. In the case of serious abnormality, the patient is alerted and encouraged to consult a medical team to whom she can give access to this secure area with handhhealth.com for better monitoring of her pregnancy.

The Efelya platform will be launched in two stages by the end of 2018. The target is Africa, Asia, South America, but also Australia. The platform will initially be available in French, English and Spanish.


Source : Lettre API – 31/08/2018

Photo credit : Efelya