Enensys Technologies (Cesson-Sévigné, 110 employees, including 50% in R&D, 2017 turnover: €21.1 million, 90% for export), international player in digital terrestrial television broadcasting hardware and software, was granted AMF’s approval and is looking to be listed on the stock exchange to raise €15 to 20 million to develop international coverage, starting with the USA, where a new DTT standard has been introduced, involving significant costs, including for free channels. Enensys Technologies therefore plans to set up a team of 10 people in Washington by September to capture this new market.

Similar perspectives are announced in Japan and South Korea, and in Russia the company is already involved in the deployment of the next-generation DTT network. The company has gradually made an international name for itself in the video streaming sector, a growth niche as worldwide streaming volumes have been multiplied by 13 between 2014 and 2019. After investing €40 million in R&D and filing 32 patents over 10 years, the group is looking to triple its revenue by 2020 and increase its workforce by 50.


Source : Les Echos – 15/05/2018