Eodyn tames surface water currents

Crédit photo : Eodyn

Eodyn (Brest) offers a patented solution for measuring surface water currents in real time or delayed. It targets the global market, including shipping companies, skippers, fishermen and boaters. Only 6 government satellites provide this data, but in an imprecise way.

Today, the fuel budget represents 50% of the operational costs of a ship, but using power lines, the bill could fall by 1 to 3%, or several million dollars for some companies, especially in commercial transport. The solution can also act on the safety and ecological aspect by better targeting the search area of ​​a shipwreck or by warning the teams of platforms and drilling oil companies to avoid accidents, such as the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon platform, in the Gulf of Mexico, in April 2010.


Source : Ouest France – 14/11/2017

Photo credit : Eodyn