Eolink inaugurates its floating wind turbine prototype

Eolink : Prototype 12MW au 1/10ème opérationnel. Crédit photo : Eolink

Eolink has designed, in partnership with Ifremer, a floating wind turbine that operates with 4 arms and not a single mast, thus improving the resistance of the structure based on the float. This innovative architecture allows a reduction of its weight and cost and to install a larger rotor for more electricity, on a smaller float.

The patented concept, Eolink inaugurated last April in Brest a prototype measuring a 10th of its real size. The full size wind turbine will have a platform height of 120 metres above sea level. Its production capacity will be 12 MW, twice as much as wind turbines installed in the North Sea.

Floating wind turbines have the advantage of being installed in deep water, unlike those based on foundations. This wind turbine will be manufactured step by step, in connection with Breton companies for production and assembly. The tests on the Eolink prototype will last several months before the production of the first full size prototypes in 2021 and a serial production scheduled for 2025.


Source : Lettre API – 23/04/2018

Photo credit : Eolink