Etiam and Group Emaging Technology, leader in telemedicine

Etiam Telemedecine

ETIAM, specialist in medical image communication, and Group Emaging Technology, leader in teleradiology in France, are joining forces in the new Etiam-Emaging venture to become the leading telemedicine operator in France. This close tie makes Etiam-Connect a real multi-speciality integrated telemedicine platform. The platform already connects three hundred hospitals with more than two thousand medical consultants (radiologists, neurologists, dermatologists, etc.). Doctors can make a diagnosis remotely, in real time, from images sent by health establishments. Etiam-Connect is already found in the USA, China and Africa. In 2016, Etiam will continue to develop solutions (telemammography and teledermatology especially) and is targeting the position of leading telemedicine operator in Europe, with a plan to raise €2-3M by next summer. |

Sources : Press release – 16/11/15 & ID2Santé – 04/12/2015

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