ETT sets out to conquer the East

Following its successful participation in the Yamal gas project in Siberia, the heat pump specialist, Énergie Transfert Thermique (ETT, Ploudalmézeau, 2017 turnover: €46.5 million), is now approved as an official supplier by Total. This success opens the door for Oil & Gas’s international projects such as in Russia, Africa and Iran, for example Exxon and Perenco, as well as the offshore wind energy markets.

ETT could thus increase its export turnover by 15 to 20% and hopes to achieve €50 million in sales in 2020. The SME positions itself with a premium offer, offering heat pumps that are more expensive to buy but with higher performance, increased longevity and a saving on the energy bill.

It carries out half of its activity in the commercial tertiary sector, the other half concerning industry, leisure and entertainment and the pure tertiary sector. ETT is today leader in France for supermarkets. Its accomplishments include, for example, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the roofs of Arkéa at Relecq-Kerhuon (near Brest), the Babou and Océanopolis store in Brest, and Airbus sites in Toulouse.

The SME is also working in Ukraine, Romania and Russia, where it equips new locations for Auchan, Decathlon, Leroy-Merlin. It has even created a subsidiary in Russia. ETT invested heavily in the early 2000s to expand its headquarters, equip it with machines, and rebuild its computer systems.

Today, in addition to developing export and special markets, it plans to develop services through its R&D office (11 employees), including ETT Mediacom, a remote connection system that equips 2,000 machines, or its new Roof Top range (50% of ETT production) to equip the roofs of buildings. ETT produces 1,500 machines a year, of all sizes, and counts American groups like Lennox and Carrier among its competitors.


Source : Journal des Entreprises – 26/03/2018