Eurotec Développement treats wastewater in Africa

Eurotec développement

Specialist in wastewater treatment and water cycles in the agri-food industry, Eurotec Développement (Baud) continues to expand, mainly in West Africa which accounts for 15% of the SME’s business. The company is found in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Tunisia and perhaps soon Iran. Eurotec Développement is grasping the opportunities springing up in these developing countries as they start to produce drinking water. The company designs in particular a wastewater treatment solution at plant output and purification plants that have won over such customers as Bigard, Jean Floc’h and small poultry farmers. It is also targeting bottlers (in Africa and Europe) with a proposed rinsing system for glass or plastic containers; this water can be used constantly and an increasingly rare resource is no longer waste.

Source : Ouest France Entreprises – 28/10/2015
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