And if Franco-German business started with a good detective novel?

Under the title “Patron of Bretagne”, the Bretagne Regional Council wishes to honour the men and women who help to give Bretagne international recognition worldwide. The Region awarded this prize for the first time on 22 August. The recipient was Jean-Luc Bannalec. And for good reason! With his five detective novels*, some of which have sold over a million copies and been adapted to the small screen (4.7 million viewers), Jean-Luc Bannalec (Jörg Bong in real life) is a superb ambassador in Germany – and worldwide, given that his books are translated into French, English and Spanish!

The author’s love of Bretagne and its inhabitants is keenly felt in his detective novels. We Bretons can only be impressed by his in-depth knowledge of the region and appreciate the right note struck by the author: Bretagne is portrayed just is it is, beautiful but under no circumstances embellished.

Many Breton readers will have followed the adventures of Commissioner Dupin whilst no doubt discovering aspects of Bretagne that they were unaware of until then.


Bretagne understands the world, engages in the world and with the world.

During the awards ceremony, Jean-Luc Bannalec reiterated his huge affection for Bretagne where he lives for at least two months a year. “I enjoy the Breton way of life, the wisdom and pragmatism of the people. Bretagne has a strong regional identity. It understands the world, engages in the world and with the world”.

Jean-Luc Bannalec is also impressed by the innovative ability of Bretons, mainly in algae, textiles and fishing.


70% more German tourists in Concarneau

The fallout for Bretagne in terms and tourist numbers is huge, albeit difficult to quantify. In Concarneau, however, where Commissioner Dupin is frequently led in his investigations, the number of German tourists recorded has risen by 70%.

Experience tells us that although investment or business decisions are based on rational criteria like infrastructures, product quality, market presence, etc., irrational factors and heart-stopping moments can sometimes tip the balance one way or another.

So, let us wager that among the millions of German readers and viewers who are fans of the adventures of Commissioner Dupin hide a few industrialists who will be encouraged to explore our beautiful region even more closely. We encourage them to contact us. We shall be able to put together a programme of business meetings and site visits in the steps of Commissioner Dupin”.





Find out more *

Bretonische Verhältnisse – Ein Fall für Kommissar Dupin (2012), = Un été à Pont-Aven / Death in Pont-Aven / El misterio de Pont-Aven

Bretonische Brandung – Kommissar Dupins zweiter Fall (2013); = Étrange printemps aux Glénan / Murder on Brittany Shores / Muerte en las isla

Bretonisches Gold – Kommissar Dupins dritter Fall (2014); = Les Marais sanglants de Guérande / Un crimen bretón

Bretonischer Stolz. Kommissar Dupins vierter Fall (2015);= Un cadáver en Port du Bélo

Bretonische Flut. Kommissar Dupins fünfter Fall (2016).