Good news from France-Poultry, ex-Doux in Châteaulin

The poultry group, Doux (in Châteaulin), was taken over last May by a consortium led by the French LDC Group, accompanied in particular by the Saudi company Al Munajem, as well as the Société des Volailles de Plouray, Yer Breizh and Saria.

Al Munajem created the company France-Poultry to take over Doux’s original plant in Châteaulin. France Poultry is specialised in the processing of frozen poultry for Middle Eastern markets, particularly Saudi Arabia. Products continue to be exported under the Doux brand, which has had a strong presence there for more than thirty years.

Thanks to good prices worldwide, impeccable organisation and effective teamwork, the new company has exceeded all its forecasts, in terms of staff, tonnage and turnover. “ We had plans to hire 347 permanent employees, for 280,000 chickens per day. We have been at 340,000 chickens per day since mid-June, and have hired an additional 25 temporary workers who were already working here, and added about 40 fixed-term contracts“, explains François Le Fort, General Manager of France-Poultry. For 2019, France-Poultry plans to produce the same results: annual production of 84,000 tonnes, turnover of €140M.

For its part, LDC, the French leader in poultry (with Loué, Le Gaulois and Maître Coq brands), will invest €60 million in the construction of a new abattoir that should be operational by the end of 2020 in Châteaulin. The 25,000m² building will accommodate 250 employees and produce 800,000 chickens per week.

This new abattoir will be designed for fresh chickens for the French market, LDC’s strategy being to limit poultry imports into France. “We won’t be producing organic: too expensive and not commercially strong enough. It will be chicken produced in our breeders Nature project.“explains Roland Tonarelli, General Manager of Poultry at LDC. Until this new facility becomes a reality, the employees taken on are working in other LDC plants located nearby.

In the upstream sector, France-Poultry, LDC, Terrena and Triskalia have created the company Yer Breizh. The Bretagne Region is part of the round table with 5%. According to François Le Fort: “From the beginning, the Region has been very committed to saving the upstream sector. France-Poultry buys chickens from 160 breeders in three of the four Breton departments, and is carrying out a renovation operation on the breeding farms.

Saria Industries, the French subsidiary of the German group Saria, has taken over the Doux animal meal production plant in Châteaulin. Châteaulin’s co-products are processed under the Kervalis brand, the market leader in the manufacture of ingredients for the pet food industry. The Plouray abattoir, for its part, was taken over by Les Volailles de Plouray.


Sources : Usine Nouvelle – 18/05/2018, Saria Industries – 11/06/2018, Ouest France –25/10/2018