Guinard Energies test a tidal turbine at Etel

For a year, Guinard Energies (Brest) has carried out testing probes on the seabed in the Etel ria in the MegawattBlue project, which involves the immersion of an accelerating current tidal turbine by 2017. In development since 2008, this tidal turbine must be able to adapt to protected sites with strong currents. It benefits from technology based on the nozzle principle (30% current accelerator cone), which is lighter and less expensive with an equal power. Moreover, it does not require a large ship to install it.

The project is conducted in connection with several Breton and State companies: the DGA, Ifremer, the naval architecture law firm Ship-St. (Lorient), Actimar (Brest), Navtis (Brest), Turbiwatt (Caudan) the Multiplast site (Vannes) and the TBM bureau for environmental studies (Auray). The project is valued at €2.6 million, 45% financed by the ERDF.


Source : Mer et marine – 07/07/2016
Photo Credit : Guinard Energies