Henri Le Roux, fine chocolate-making in Auray

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Founded in 1977 in Quiberon, the company Henri Le Roux (Landévant) has become famous due to its salted butter caramel recipe. It was taken over by the high-end Japanese confectioner, Yoku Moku, a family business with three hundred employees, in 2006. Henri Le Roux is one of the gold standard chocolate makers to be reckoned with in France.

The company offers a range of fifty chocolates which is renewed constantly, with the emphasis always on craft manufacture using fresh, colouring- and perfume-free products. The Managing Director, Makoto Ishii, brings a little of his own culture to the table.


Staff discussions are useful to exchange ideas and mix tastes. Several products also symbolise the marriage between Japan and Bretagne. Like the Goma praline, with light sesame from Japan. Its know-how is exported to Japan (24% of the business) with three retail outlets in Tokyo.

Henri Le Roux also has five shops in France, including three in Paris. www.chocolatleroux.com
Source : Ouest France Entreprises – 22/12/2015

Photo credit : chocolatleroux.com

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