HTL Biotechnology targets the Asian and North American markets

HTL Biotechnologie. Photo credit : archive de la chronique républicaine

HTL Biotechnology (Fougères, 102 employees) designs hyaluronic acid tailored for pharmaceutical companies. It stands out from the competition by its expertise in obtaining a high molecular weight which confers stability and effectiveness to the products developed in ophthalmology, rheumatology or dermatology.

To develop its expertise, HTL Biotechnology relies on its R&D department dedicated to the implementation of new products derived from hyaluronic acid. Four laboratories are installed in a new building and a fifth dedicated to molecular biology will soon see the light of day. In parallel, two new production lines will be installed in a new building by 2020.

With these investments, HTL Biotechnology aims to double or even triple its production capacity. Currently, the SME markets 90% of its production in Europe and 10% in France. It is now targeting the Asian and North American markets. To achieve its ambitions, the company plans to increase its workforce with sixty new hires in 2018 and 2019.


Source : Journal des Entreprises – 09/04/2018

Photo credit : HTL Biotechnology