HTL invests €15m in a lab

Specialising in the manufacture of pharmaceutical commodities, HTL (Javené, 70 employees) invests €15M for an R&D laboratory and an industrial building. The SME has benefited from the support of CBB Capbiotek and have been finding new bacterial strains since 2012. Now they want to internalise their R&D centre and manufacture their own products. For 20 years, HTL has developed thanks to the invention of hyaluronic acid, widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, ophthalmic surgery, rheumatology, regenerative medicine and biomaterials. It has become one of the six global players in the polymer research and production industry. HTL achieves 95% of its turnover outside France, 70% in Europe, the rest in North America, Japan, Asia and South America.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 27/10/2016