Humanlab, the Rennes fablab dedicated to health

My Human Kit (Rennes) opened a new fablab in Rennes in January dedicated to health: the Humanlab. It revolves around 5 projects: 2 hand prostheses, a PVC wheelchair, a sonar glove and a hearing aid. This is to allow people with disabilities to “self-repair”.

The Humanlab was created by N. Huchet. After his right forearm was amputated in 2002, N. Huchet developed Bionicohand, his own prosthesis controlled by muscle sensors and made by means of 3D printing. Designed with a sculptor and the Rennes fablab, the innovation received the best young “social innovator of the year” award from MIT in 2015, and this helped the association to raise €1 M and receive a Google Challenges award.

He now wants to spread this fablab model all over the world to create an international mutual help and prototyping network.

Source : Lettre API – 11/04/2017