Ille-et-Vilaine: undisputed digital hub in France

Entraînement virtuel pour l'amélioration des performances sportives. Enregistrement et analyse des mouvements d'un gardien de but de handball, face à un joueur virtuel 3D. Le gardien est muni de capteurs de mouvements, et de lunettes pour voir son adversaire numérique. Le joueur virtuel est "autonome" et décide seul de son jeu. Salle de réalité virtuelle immersive de l'INRIA Rennes - IRISA . Recherche menée en collaboration le Laboratoire Mouvement Sport Sabté (M2S) de l'université de Rennes 2. Photo Credit : INRIA / C. Lebedinsky

Audiar and French Tech Rennes Saint Malo have published a quantified survey on the Ille-et-Vilaine digital ecosystem.

Digital jobs and public research

In 2016, the department counted 35,300 jobs in 4,200 businesses and eleven public research laboratories (2,800 jobs), making it third largest in the country for digital job density (share of digital jobs out of total jobs) and the third largest public research hub nationally after Paris and Grenoble.

Increased growth in digital employment

Nine hundred jobs a year have been created since 2008. a total of 7,200 jobs. In 2016, the department saw 5% growth in digital employment with the creation of 1,258 jobs. This was the largest increase in digital employment in France. Still in terms of employment growth, the Rennes ecosystem was the most dynamic in 2016, before Bordeaux, Nantes and Toulouse. The main employers are Orange, some fifteen or so high-tech multinationals like Technicolor, Thales, Safran, STMicroelectronics, Ericsson and Canon and digital service companies.

Cybersafety and IoT

The department stands out especially in two areas: cybersafety and connected objects. Rennes has established itself clearly as the leading alternative hub to Paris, by welcoming 10% of French cybersafety start-ups. Ille-et-Vilaine also has the second largest concentration in France of digital companies specialising in the IoT. Rennes businesses are heavily involved in the LoRa alliance, mainly with Kerlink and Orange, founder members, and within the global 3GPP federation with Technicolor, Enensys and B-com.


Source: Audiar

Photo credit : INRIA / C. Lebedinsky