Customised shoulder prosthesis


Imascap (Plouzané) has developed an orthopedic shoulder surgery software solution called Glenosys. This software allows to reconstruct the patient’s bone in 3D, to give measurements, to visualise the prosthesis in 3D and to simulate step by step the progress of the surgery. Above all, it allows to generate guides (instruments placed on the bone of the patient to allow its cutting and the installation of a prosthesis) personalised to the anatomy of the patient, with a precision of 1 mm and a possible deviation of 2 degrees. This precision makes it possible to reduce the failure rate of certain surgeries, in particular that of the shoulder which has a failure rate greater than 10%.

The company is participating in a state-funded project worth €2.2 million to develop personalised prostheses. Research began in 2016, with approval of this prosthesis by certification bodies expected.  The first clinical application of this personalised shoulder prosthesis will be performed during the year. Two subsidiaries were established in the United States to support this research with 7 consultants.




The FollowKnee project (budget of €24.5 M over 5 years), launched in January, is supported by the University Hospital of Brest and coordinated by LATIM (Brest), and brings together B-Com, ID2 Health, Immersion, CEA Grenoble, SLS and Imascap. This project aims to revolutionise every step of a knee operation, from the design of prostheses to post-operative follow-up, including fabrication and installation.

For this purpose, the project combines a scan of the patient’s body shape, 3D printing of a custom-designed prosthesis, augmented reality operation, and post-operative follow-up by miniature sensors integrated into the prosthesis, able to detect an infection or any mechanical defect and to guide the patient during their rehabilitation.

Imascap will create the 3D model and the associated database. The goal is to obtain a marketable product with a clinical evaluation of the results within 5 years. If FollowKnee succeeds, it could be transposed to the ankles, shoulders and hips.


Interest from the American Wright Medical Group


Imascap’s technology has attracted interest from Wright Medical Group, an American manufacturer of prostheses and specialist in extremity surgery. This operation allows the American group to benefit from all the innovations of Imascap.


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