IMT Atlantique investing in Rennes for cybersecurity

Having created an incubator in 2016, the IMT Atlantique campus (Rennes) is going to house a specific cybersecurity building. Christened Cencyble (Centre for development of experimental laboratory cyber activities), this site will include offices for researchers and PhD students along with laboratories where experiments may be conducted in maximum security. €821k will be mobilised, including €410.5k provided by the Bretagne region, €200k by Greater Rennes and €210.5k by IMT Atlantique.

Cencyble may be used by start-ups in the cybersecurity sector supported by the incubator or for training purposes. Cencyble also intends to host researchers of the cybersecurity chair of critical infrastructures, launched at the beginning of 2017 with the Region and other partners. Under the French Tech Ticket, a programme urging foreign entrepreneurs to come and create their start-ups in France, two foreign start-ups should joint the IMT incubator: Lamane, which has developed a solution for the anonymisation of big data, and Buglab, which offers a crowdsourcing platform specific to cybersecurity.

Source : API Newsletter – 14/02/2017