Innovations for B-com

B-com immersive contents

B-com has created a right to be forgotten on the Internet solution, which involves controlling contents circulating on social networks and Google especially. Photo encryption will allow the person sending them to reserve them solely for identified recipients, who may not circulate them. These images will have a limited lifetime on the web. There is a global market for this innovation. It will soon be possible to download this solution intended for the general public on smartphones. In addition, B-com has joined forces with Thomson Video Network for 4K b-com *Ultra Player*, a new solution developed jointly and marketed by TVN. This innovative player is designed to improve the feeling of being immersed in the contents by broadcasting immersive contents and Ultra-HD videos associated with surround-sound.

Ultra Player in video :

Sources : Lettre Economique de Bretagne – 08/09/2015 & 02/10/2015

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