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Working alongside our regional partners, the Invest in Bretagne team provides you with all the information you should know on the French labor legislation and assists you in hiring your staff.



Labor legislation

Business France answers to 10 questions related to Labor Legislation in France :

  • What have been the major reforms in labor law in recent years ?
  • To what extent is social protection a genuine safety net for employees and employers ?
  • How do I negociate within my company ?
  • What solutions are available to support my company’s business ?
  • How do I organize employees’ work schedules within my company ?
  • What does it cost to employ someone in France ?
  • How do we attract and retain talent ?
  • What are the essential human resources rules ?
  • Confronting economic difficulties
  • How is an employment contract terminated?



French employment law :

  • Employment relations within a company
  • Profit-sharing and employee savings plans
  • Organizing working hours: agreement negotiated within the company
  • Extensive high-quality social security cover




Social protection


Welcome to France provides you with all the information on the French social security system. In France, registering employees with the general Social Security scheme is a legal obligation with no exceptions.

The French social security scheme covers :

  • Health, maternity, paternity, disability and death
  • Occupational accidents and illnesses
  • Retirement
  • Family allowances
  • Unemployment


The section “Registering for public health insurance (Assurance Maladie)” will be helpful for your own registration.

Seconded employees
  • You are a foreign company and employ staff in France while located abroad
  • You are a seconded employee who has been sent by a foreign-based employer to perform a temporary assignment in France