Support and grants

Invest in Bretagne services

The Invest in Bretagne team helps you to find national and regional incentives according to your company’s profile and your project.

Financial supports from the French State, Bretagne region, local authorities will be subject to the type of investment / amount / timing for your business development in Bretagne.



Regional support

You are a manager of a very small business, an SME, a large company or an association, and you want to create an activity, innovate, invest in new equipment, recruit new talent or prospect for exports ?

Discover the regional offer structured in four packs corresponding to the different stages of development of the company : creation & takeover, development, innovation and export. Different kind of supports and grants are provided according to the project and the company’s profile.

These financial supports may include :

  • Regional repayable advance
  • “Innovation pack” : R&D, collaborative R&D, marketing development
  • “Export pack” : trade shows, communication media, international volunteer programme (VIE)

In addition to these solutions provided by the Bretagne Region, a wide range of partnership tools are available.


Government support & grants

Business France answers to 10 questions related to available support and grants in France :


  • What support is there for my investment project in France?
  • How can I apply for a PAT development grant?
  • How can I apply for an ARI business development loan?
  • How can I apply for national investment program funding?
  • How can I apply for France’s research tax credit and innovation tax credit?
  • How can I apply for the competitiveness and employment tax credit?
  • How can I finance prerecruitment training?
  • How do I set up a professional training contract?
  • How can I benefit from the CIFRE scheme?
  • How do I set up en apprenticeship contract?




Government support & finance

  • The basics
  • Support for your investment project
  • Choose France as a venue for takeovers
  • Recruiting and training your employees
  • Support for your R&D programs and innovative projects
  • Encouraging investments to protect the environment
  • How to develop your startup project


Focus on Research tax credit
All companies incurring R&D expenses are eligible, regardless of their size, business sector and nationality.

France’s research tax credit covers 30% of all R&D expenses up to €100 million, and 5% above this threshold. Salaries for research staff are wholly integrated, plus 50% of R&D operating costs and 75% of investments in R&D operations.

The research tax credit base covers not only all R&D spending (salaries, social security contributions, amortization and depreciation allowances, operating costs, subcontracting, patents and monitoring, etc.) but also innovation expenses incurred by SMEs, at a rate of 20% (up to €400,000 a year).