Italian Recom takes over the Sillia VL site of Lannion

The Italian group Recom Italia (from the German group Recom) is taking over the site of the photovoltaic panels company Sillia VL and its 43 employees; the Vénissieux site will be closed. Claiming the 2nd place on the European market for photovoltaic panels, Recom has production facilities in Italy, Poland and South Korea. The group has just landed a project involving a 12.5 MW capacity in Nicaragua, scheduled to be completed in 2018.

Before its takeover, the Breton site had orders on hand of 196 MW. Recom Italia was granted permission to produce 100 MW in its Polish plant, leaving Lannion with 96 MW. Tee Breton site needs 40-50 MW per year to run at full speed, so they start off with an assured backlog of orders for two years.

Sources : Lettre API – 16/06/2017, Le Télégramme – 17/06/2017