The joint brand of Aveltis and Prestor becomes a leader in the marketplace

P. Bizien and G. Roué, chairmen of the pig cooperatives Aveltis (Landivisiau) and Prestor (Kersaint-Plabennec), have made official the creation of a marketing economic interest group, christened “Eleveurs de Porcs en France”. It symbolises their ambition to become a leader capable of conquering new global markets. This IEG will market the production of the two groups, i.e. 100,000 pigs a week.

Aveltis and Prestor thus wish to reassert that they are responsible livestock farmers committed to animal welfare, which guarantees quality meat consistent with French requirements, the most stringent in the EU. Alvetis and Prestor are pooling their information system to promote themselves as a single vendor at auction via a single brand, but the other businesses and governance of the cooperatives remain separate.

Source : Agromédia – 08/06/2017  

Photo credit : Agence API