Kala accelerates the export of its laminators with a subsidiary in the United States

Kala (Nouvoitou, turnover in 2016: €5.8M, 80% in export) designs and manufactures large format laminating, mounting and adhesive machines, a niche market, faced against Asian competitors and large European groups. Its strength of innovation and patents make it a success.

Recently, Kala worked with SEAir (Lorient), a design office and equipment manufacturer that is developing a foil. The company produced and laid all the covering of the SEAir monohull, an opportunity to give a practical application of what Kala machines can make. The advantage of its “Applikator” laminating machine is that the product which leaves it can adopt any curve at laying. The company manufactures laminators from 1.08 m to 2.10 m, for professionals in photography, printing, screen printing, signs, as well as certain textile and industrial sectors. They also offer new generation of heat transfer Calender for dye sublimation and thermo-fixation of direct prints onto fabric, and products for automated cutting of visuals on flexible supports (papers, adhesives, tarpaulins…).

 With a retail partner in Dubai, Kala is present in 80 countries in Europe, North America, Japan, South Africa, Australia, etc., and now has a subsidiary in the United States where it already operates via the wholesaler F. Romanello. The latter takes over the management of the subsidiary. The objective is to double the turnover on the continent to reach $1 M by 2017. The managers then want to expand in Latin America.

Source : Journal des Entreprises – 08/03/2017

Photo credits : Kala / SEAir