Kemwatt creates a storage cell for wind energy


Ionwatt (Rennes) has just finalised the raising of €1.2M additional funds from its shareholders (Emertec 5 seed financing and Go Capital Seeding, Satt Ouest Valorations, private investor P.-Y. Divet and the three founders). It has also changed its name to Kemwatt, to illustrate its wish to speed up the preparation and marketing of its innovation circulating electrolyte cells (type redox flow). Kemwatt is therefore going to continue prototyping its technology and should produce a first 20 kW machine in 2016 before proposing high-performing cells at very competitive prices. The company will not limit its activities to France. It sees Europe and the USA as promising markets for the solutions to problems of stationary storage of electricity generated by renewable energies, a global issue so far only tapped by some twenty companies worldwide.

Source : Les Echos – 22/02/2016
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