Kerhis, a rural start-up, is seeing double for its future

Since its creation in 2003, Kerhis (Châteaulin, 58 employees) is building computer systems for the agri-food industry and is once more standing out in this segment with livestock management to the millimetre. It has just equipped the poulterer Doux with its Konnect application.

In Ouest-France Entreprises, Mr Le Quéau, head of the Doux livestock project, explains that the list of three hundred farms which supply the giant poulterer can now be accessed by smartphone (names, first names and addresses). The application shows the dates and batches in progress in white and delivered batches in green and their characteristics (hatchery, feed, strain, weight measured every day, ideal average, etc.).

Previously, the farmer had to weigh ten hens every day, write down the weight and fax this information twice a week to the parent company, which then had to enter them into its computer system. Today, spring scales (perches) act as electronic scales in the poultry house and four to five thousand/35,000 hens may “weigh themselves”. Their weight is recorded, sent automatically to the server and can be consulted on a smartphone. When a customer places an order, even if he is in the Middle East, the application knows exactly which batch will be available.

Only the farms are connected for the moment, but Konnect should be made standard in the Doux hatcheries and feed plants by end 2016. The company will therefore know which poultry house is empty and can be filled with chicks or which hatchery is ready to receive the eggs. Sensors will also be installed in the silos to advise the feed company on the required feed distribution in real time. And the haulier may be alerted and pick up the feed directly for delivery to the poultry house. Kerhis now wishes to make its application available to cattle, rabbit, crop and pig technicians. The SME should start with the dairy sector and is thus planning to double its buildings and its workforce within five years.

Source : Ouest France Entreprises – 12/04/2016

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