Kerhis, the fast-growing tech firm!

Photo credit : Kerhis

Specialising in the publication of software programs for the agricultural sector, Kerhis (Châteaulin, 74 employees) is continuing to grow and is targeting €10M turnover in 2020 against €6M in 2017-2018. Fired by its success, it recruits new staff every year and should hire twenty new employees in 2018 to support its customers in designing their tool and their training.

To make it stand out from the competition, the SME is proposing a software packaging solution so that it can upgrade the systems of all its customers based on technological innovations. Its customers are not farmers but cooperatives or trading companies and a few primary processing agri-industries like Nestlé, Trislakia, Savel and Terrena.

In 2017, Kerhis took over Gicasa informatique (Charenton-le-Pont, Ile de France, nine employees), a specialist publisher of software programs for the cereal sector, to boost its position in this sector.

Note that Kerhis is actively involved in the digitisation of the agricultural sector via Village by CA 29 and the French Tech Brest+ network. It is looking to become international by 2020 by supporting its customers in their establishments outside France.


Source : API Newsletter – 07/11/2017

Photo credit : Kerhis