Kerval brings value to ​​household waste

Kerval Centre-Armor is investing  €22 M to build its new waste treatment plant in Ploufragan. It will treat 10% of Breton waste and intends to manufacture different types of fuels via mixtures with a view to waste recovery and circular economy. This is the first time in France that waste from the gray waste bin will be sorted, whether it be wood or large plastics, such as garden furniture.

The factory will accept the waste bins of 150 municipalities, the waste of about 350,000 inhabitants. Fuels will be transferred to manufacturers for their cement works or boilers. The former household waste composting plant, which employs 15 people, is now replaced by the new factory, which will employ 50 employees.

Source : Ouest France – 13/04/2017 

Photo credit : Kerval