Klaxoon fosters smart teamwork

Klaxoon offers digital tools to transform teamwork, from meeting to project management, on-site or remotely. Since its launch, Klaxoon has focused its action on meetings. These important moments in the life of a company are often criticised by employees. They often feel they cannot express themselves enough and that they spend too much time there given that the vast majority of meetings fail to make decisions. The problem seems universal. Klaxoon has therefore developed a full range of easy-to-use collaborative products with the aim of making the meeting more participatory, interactive and effective. Beyond the meeting, these solutions facilitate teamwork as a whole, with no need for employees to meet at the same time and place to synchronise their information.


Meteoric growth

Its collaborative tools that make all teamwork moments more fluid, efficient and constructive have already been adopted by millions of users in 120 countries and have attracted more than 3000 organisations, from SME to large groups, since the company claims in its customer portfolio all the CAC40, some big names from the Fortune 500 and the United Nations.

Launched in March 2015, the company, which employs 240 people, is based in Rennes. In 2018, it invested in new premises to double the size of its “Campus”. The company can accommodate up to 300 employees. It has opened a branch in Lyon, called “Station” and also has offices in Boston and New York. It has opened a Klaxoon Store in Paris to accelerate the transformation of teams.

In 2018, Klaxoon raised 50 million dollars from IDInvest, Bpifrance, Sofiouest and the North American fund, White Star Capital. This capital will be devoted mainly to R&D, recruitment and international expansion.

80 people work constantly in R&D to develop the Klaxoon collaborative product ecosystem.

Klaxoon has just entered the Next 40, a new index created by the State to highlight and support the development of forty French digital champions. It can thus illustrate the robustness of the young company, the strength of its market of several millions of users and create new international business opportunities.


Simple, fun products

According to Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon: “What makes us successful is that we rely on a solid user base with technology that addresses the problems of all organisations. This means that we can offer products that are easy to use and in line with the needs of the teams for meetings, workshops, project management, ideation sessions, all moments of synchronisation”.

The solution revolutionises how a team works by allowing employees to share their point of view better and pushing creativity and collaboration, through a comprehensive platform:  Brainstorm, Question, Network, Capsule, Quizz, Poll and Adventure, an activity inspired by the world of gaming. Users create, participate, exchange and respond via their computer or smartphone.

After a preview at the Georges Pompidou Centre, Klaxoon unveiled Klaxoon3 at CES 2019, the third generation of its platform for which the company has developed a mobile app with a reporting system specially designed to stimulate group work and decision-making. The new “Questions” feature is one of its flagship activities. You can ask open-ended questions, challenge and ask for assessments from an entire team with one click. A dozen question formats are available to mobilise collective intelligence in a simple and visual way. Klaxoon has also improved its Brainstorm visual management tool: participants express themselves freely from their own devices, sharing texts, drawings, photos, videos or links that appear instantly on an infinite whiteboard. These media can be added by taking into account third-party platforms such as Spotify and Deezer. An effective tool with multiple methods for data visualisation and intelligent sorting to structure ideas effectively and manage projects.

Several companies offer some of these services individually. But according to Matthieu Beucher: “Noone is proposing a single solution capable of transforming teamwork”. So far, the battle has been more about corporate messaging tools, with Slack, Facebook at Work, Microsoft Teams, Amazon and Google.


Technology partnerships

In November 2018, at Microsoft Experience, Joe Belfiore announced on stage the connection between Teams and Klaxoon. At Microsoft Build 2019, Klaxoon was also named one of the best partner applications in the Modern Workplace Ecosystem.

A few months later, Klaxoon was once again honoured by Microsoft by winning the second Microsoft App Awards 365 in the category “Best User Experience”. An award presented on the stage of Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida. This award is presented by a jury of Microsoft experts who recognised Klaxoon as one of the best collaborative tools available in Teams, thereby providing a unique collaboration experience for Microsoft 365 users. The award more broadly reflects all the work done between Seattle and Rennes on the project in less than a year.

Teams users can now enjoy a smoother experience and benefit from new uses thanks to the interoperability of the suites of tools offered by both partners.

With this partnership, Klaxoon reinforces its open-door strategy designed from the start on 100% digital and interoperable tools to achieve the most effective collaboration methods accessible to the greatest number of people. This partnership is accelerating its global visibility as 130 million people already use the Office 365 suite.

In March 2019, Klaxoon joined forces with Dropbox. The connection between the two platforms allows documents stored in Dropbox to be mobilised directly from Klaxoon tools. By proposing this integration, Klaxoon and Dropbox are joining forces to address the issue of collaboration in a complementary way, both in terms of infrastructure (document storage and sharing) and the dynamics of teamwork (energise exchanges, encourage feedback and facilitate information visualisation).  This loosens up the collaborative experience and meets modern data storage standards by providing access to a cloud platform that has already attracted more than 500 million users in 180 countries.


Conquering the United States

With offices in Boston and New York, Klaxoon is already well established in the United States. The company has also taken part in four CES in Las Vegas where it always knows how to get noticed. This year, the company launched Klaxoon3 and created an event within the event. The Mojave Desert, thirty minutes from the hustle and bustle of the CES, was where the Klaxoon teams welcomed hundreds of people in a unique and soothing setting, for two hours of workshops to identify concrete actions and pick up tips to make their meetings more effective and teamwork easier, wherever they may be.

CES was the first stage of a long road trip across the United States: the TeamWork Tour. Sixteen cities travelled in eleven weeks, from Las Vegas to Austin for the SXSW festival, via Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington and Atlanta. Seventy Klaxoon took turns to criss-cross the country in a gigantic truck in the brand colours and showcase Klaxoon3 to thousands of Americans. In this truck offering a new kind of workspace, screens on all sides explained the practical cases and successes of the company. It took some twenty minutes for visitors to understand the usefulness of the solution and become familiar with it. This trip was a chance for the professionals to sound out their uses and needs and source new problems, to respond to them by constantly improving the product, but also to be in contact with businesses smaller than its CAC40 customers.


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