Krampouz is known throughout the world

For 60 years, Krampouz (Pluguffan, 70 employees, €14.8M turnover 2016, 33% exported) has been capitalising on its know-how to develop its professional range of pancake makers, planchas, grills and other waffle makers.

Found in 150 countries, it mainly sells to Mexico, India, Russia, etc. The SME has acquired a robotised machine to meet world demand. This can produce larger production runs whilst avoiding tiresome, repetitive work for the employees.

In 2017, Krampouz is offering new products specific to the professional range: a plancha and a grill suitable for small fast food kitchens and an egg cooker that is “ideal for hotels”. Its bain-marie for sweet sauces is already highly successful. Just like the plancha, where sales have increased by 50% since the beginning of 2017.

Turnover should be €16M in 2017 and €20M in 2019 in anticipation of fine prospects for international growth. In recent years, Krampouz has shown a two-figure average annual growth and has also tripled its turnover in ten years, since the company was taken in hand by S. Kergoat, thanks to good strategic choices and good investments. S. Kergoat is passing on the MD baton to F. Rozuel, but will continue to ensure the company’s strategic vision for the next five to ten years. 

Source : Ouest France – 05/04/2017, 19/09/2017 & 28/09/2017

Photo credit : Krampouz