Laïta is building a new export warehouse in Ploudaniel

For the past five years, Laïta (Ploudaniel, 2,670 employees, €1.3MM turnover) invests about €50M every year in its manufacturing facilities. The dairy sector of the Even cooperative group is currently building a new 2,000 m2 building attached to the existing warehouse in Ploudaniel. It will store 2,500 additional pallets under controlled temperature conditions, i.e. 35 kT/year of goods (+35%). The existing building will be refurbished with wider traffic aisles and larger bays to improve working, safety and goods’ flow conditions. All the work requires an investment of €3M. The new platform will be operational in the first quarter of 2017 and is intended to boost the major export activity of Laïta which currently stands at ten containers a week of mass consumer goods shipped from Ploudaniel.

In addition, Even Santé Industrie has reached agreement with the Chinese authorities to supply baby milk to China. The cooperative has invested €80 M in a new factory at Créhen which will ultimately produce 20 kT of tinned baby milk for export, including the Chinese market.

Sources : Lettre Economique de Bretagne – 07/10/2016 | Journal des Entreprises – 16/11/2016