Laitik, the Bretagne milk, has a fine taste of freedom

In the face of the persistent dairy crisis, 54 Bretagne producers have joined forces to create a SICA (society of agricultural collective interest) christened Lait’sprit d’éthique (Trémorel, 14 employees). It produces the Laitik brand, an ethical milk distributed in super-short circuit throughout Bretagne and found on Carrefour, Intermarché and Super U shelves.

The investment is €6.5M and includes three lorries for collection and a former abattoir converted into a dairy for potential production of 25 ML/year. This investment is increased to 25% by personal contributions from farmers and to ~50% by bank loans and a subsidy. These small Bretagne farmers are seeking to break free from the large groups that impose their conditions with an ethical approach and a quality milk, in a context where the short circuit has the wind in its sails.

Source : Ouest France – 24/04/2017

Photo credit : Laitik