Lamark plots images across the web

Lamark Photo credit : ooshot

Lamark (Rennes) has developed an image storage platform that “tattoos” photographs invisibly to plot their use on the web and in the press even after high compression, a change in size or reframing. The platform also facilitates the invoicing to beneficiaries. With this service, christened Imatag, it is the first company to offer an image marking, search and recognition technology, a niche market.

Its director, M. Desoubeaux, states that Rennes is a specialist in watermarking, referring to his colleagues at Nexguard, ContentArmor and Kantar Media, without forgetting the B-com Institute, which protect high-end contents, real-time video and audio content.

Its customers are professional and amateur independent photographers as well as press or public relations agencies, mainly French, despite the service being designed international use.

Available since 2016, the service already hosts five million certified images. The company is continuing its R&D efforts to enhance the service and construct software bricks for watermarking, image tracking and image autotagging along with image search through visual information recognition (visual search).

These bricks will be marketed independently as licences. Lamark is also working on developments based on deep learning and artificial intelligence. Having raised funds in 2017, the company’s goal is to enter into partnerships with foreign platforms.


Source : Le Mag Numérique – 03/10/2017

Photo credit : ooshot