Le Duff launches its Gourming marketplace

Making the most of its lengthy experience in international logistics, the Le Duff catering and bakery-pastry manufacturing group (Rennes) opened its new Gourming agri-food marketplace in January. The aim is to bring producers of Bretagne food products in contact with professionals in the catering, hotel, food-relate and food distribution sectors, for export. Louis Le Duff, the group’s Chairman, regrets that 76% of these very small and small businesses do not export through an inability to access foreign customers.

Gourming has been five years in the making and should gain ground quickly and become even more international. Companies will be selected strictly based on their products to sell on the platform, with Gourming positioning itself in the premium gastronomy segment. Gourming will focus on eleven product families and three major categories – fresh, dried and frozen. Each referencing incurs an entry fee of €100 then Gourming takes 25% commission on each sale which is justified as it deals with all administrative steps, translations, secure transactions, promotions, customer relations and quality and logistical controls.

Today, the group has 250 producers supplying 5,000 referenced items and plans to double these figures by the summer. Le Duff intends to connect 5,000 customers in 25 European countries initially, excluding France, before extending the business to North America and then Asia. The group is reliant at the moment on a logistics platform at Orly. The marketplace will have a storage platform at Servon-sur-Vilaine by 2019, where Le Duff is already building one for Bridor, its industrial bread-making subsidiary, and aims to increase its storage capacity fivefold.

Bridor exports 72% of its French production and is also extending its two factories in Canada and the United States. Bridor doubles its turnover every three to four years and is targeting €4B in 2021.

Source : Les Echos – 19/01/2017
Photo credit : Gourming