Leading Spanish fertiliser companies buy out the Bretagne company Leseur

Leseur fertiliser

Two leading Spanish fertiliser companies, Fertiberia (subsidiary of the Villar Mir group) and Fertinagro (agri-supply division of Tervalis) have joined forces in a common holding company, 2F SAS, to acquire Pierre Leseur (L’Hermitage), an agri-supplies, fertiliser and seed wholesaler. The Spaniards are seeking through this buy-out to expand their fertiliser operations in the western region of France. Their new company should hold the most complete range of products on the market. With three large storage facilities on the ICPE-classed Leseur sites, they are hoping to double the volumes (currently 60 kT) and their turnover by 2018.


Source : API Newsletter – 09/12/2015

Photo credit : leseur.com