Legris Industries hunting acquisitions

Legris industries

Legris Industries (Brussels & Rennes, 1.450 employees; 2016 turnover: €227 million) continues its niche market strategy by developing small European intermediate-sized companies with international scope while diversifying into food production systems, electricity, construction material plants or even logistics, to obtain an improved risk spread.

After purchasing the German Schiederwerk in 2016, a specialist in manufacturing electric supply and lighting solutions, it is counting on a new external growth in Europe.

After a slight loss of €400 thousand in 2014, it recorded a profit of €18.9 million in 2016 thanks to the sale of its engineering subsidiary for the Retrotech North-American logistics centres (turnover: €60 million). Managed by the Legris family, the group specifies that the Middle East and North Africa have been growing markets for 2-3 years.

Recently, its Clextral subsidiary, which creates equipment for the agri-food industry, has opened a test platform for the production of powders by extrusion in partnership with the yeast specialist Lesaffre Ingredients Services (Cérences), Diana Pet Food (Saint-Nolff) and the dairy producer Triballat Noyal (Noyal-sur-Vilaine), an R&D effort that is hoped will conquer new markets, particularly in the dairy sector.

Aiming for a 2-figure growth in 2017, its CEO is currently focusing on innovations dedicated to cutting-edge industry and admits that it has not yet begun its digital revolution, hindered by the risk.


Source : Les Echos – 29/08/2017

Photo credit : Legris Industries