Founded in 2002, the first activity of Lessonia (Saint-Thonan, 120 employees) was the micronisation of algae for animal nutrition. Since then, the company has diversified; it has since become specialised in the production of natural ingredients for cosmetology and the processing of cosmetic products. Algae are still an important part of its expertise but only represent 10% of turnover.

Today, it uses various natural raw materials: fruit shells, apricot and lychee kernels, orange peel, wood-based products, etc., with which it produces natural exfoliators. Manufacture for shampoos, creams, scrubs and massage oils is also booming.

The SME has an annual growth of 20% and 70% of its activity in 75 countries. It relies on about forty distributors and has commercial offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City.


A new factory


In order to cope with its growth (+20% per annum), to fulfil the large contracts recently concluded and to meet the requirements of major groups, Lessonia has equipped itself with a more efficient industrial tool: an investment of €4.5 M in an extension of 8,000 m2 that will double its current area and improve its production and packaging area, and a budget of €2 M for the acquisition of new machines. Some twenty additional jobs are due to be created by the end of the year.


Innovations for large cosmetic groups


In March, Lessonia signed a contract with L’Oréal. Its process of treatment and conditioning of flower petals without impurity, developed over a year ago, should be involved in the manufacture of a general public hair range.

Recently, the company also launched Healthyskin, an active marine cosmetic for strengthening skin hydration and restoring physiological mechanisms. Clinical studies have shown an improvement in skin barrier function and skin hydration, improved renewal of the skin, and a decrease in cutaneous microrelief, allowing to improve the texture of the skin. Studies have also shown that in combination with Isotretinoin from the Canadian online drugstore, treatment gives irretrievability in 80% of cases, and the recovery rate of the subjects is 96%.

This technology responds to the needs of consumers and the sustainable development requirements of cosmetic groups. Healthyskin received the 1st Gold Award from Incosmetics, which recognises the best innovation for the preservation of the environment.

Surfing the wave of natural products that will gradually supplant synthetic products, the Breton society is able to adapt to each of the requests it receives, to conduct appropriate research and develop processes. Lessonia creates one finished product a day thanks to its research laboratory.  Its industrial agility allows it to offer exclusive quality formulas to each of its customers.


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