Liger, 1st carbon-free electricity/biogas/fertilisers production unit in Europe

Four years after the commissioning of the Ligerpôle wood boiler by Locminé, a biogas plant started up operations, allowing the Locminé community access to a cogeneration centre that is unique in Europe. This centre will produce electricity without CO2 emissions, inject methane into the GRDF network and distribute biogas for light vehicles and, from April 2017, for heavy vehicles. The wood boiler unit is already fueling public buildings and surrounding hamlets. The old site at Doux will also host a gasification plant in 2018. Ultimately, a €14.5 million investment will produce approximately 5 million m3 of biogas.

This project will serve to develop a local sector that will be fueled by industrial waste collected within a perimeter of 9 km, like that of the D’Aucy plant. Farms will recover liquid digestates from 2 digesters of 4000 m3 for the purpose of spreading them. As for the solid digestate, it can be used as a fuel once it is dry.


Source : Journal des Entreprises – 21/10/2016
Photo Credit : Liger