Loc Maria Biscuits is targeting international sales with its Gavottes

Owner of the Gavottes brand, Loc Maria Biscuits (Lanvallay, €70M target turnover 2017) has opened its second production site at Lanvallay, supplementing its Taden site.

This new factory called for €25M investment and will house 110 employees, including ten new posts. The aim is to triple annual production, from 3 to 9 kT. Some 20 people continue to work on the Taden site on small production runs and products specific for professionals.

The group intends to boost the exports of its renowned crispy crêpe dentelle biscuit with this new factory. Loc Maria is already found in 60 countries. Exports account for 25% of turnover, a share that the group wishes to increase to 50% by 2020 by targeting North America and Asia in priority. Loc Maria will adapt its products to specific local requirements in terms of packaging, flavours and marketing. For example, the Eiffel Tower is made prominent in the Asian countries.

On this new site, the Gavottes range should be extended, just like its new “Les Merveilleuses” range, to innovative mouthfuls of crêpes dentelle, chocolate and caramel splinters.  The company may also launch an organic line.

Source : Ouest France – 07/06/2017

Photo credit : Loc Maria Biscuits – Gavottes