Lumibird, a product of the October 2017 merger between the Keopsys and Quantel Groups, designs, manufactures and distributes high-performance lasers for scientific (research laboratories, universities),  industrial (production, defence, LiDAR sensors) and medical (ophthalmology) uses. The group is split into two divisions. The Laser division incorporates the Keopsys, Quantel Laser and SensUp activities and offers products based on the three most advanced laser technologies: solid laser, laser diodes and fibre laser. The Quantel Medical division mainly offers diagnostic and treatment equipment for ophthalmology using lasers and ultrasonic sensors. This expertise has made the Bretagne company one of the world’s leading laser specialists. To continue to expand, Lumibird is banking in particular on its capacity for innovation. The company devotes 10% of its turnover to R&D in order to design lasers that are increasingly efficient and adapted to the constraints of end-users, especially in terms of miniaturisation.


Promising markets


Lumibird’s growth is mainly based on three strategic markets: Lidar sensors, defence and space and medical.

The Quantel Medical division is now Lumibird’s leading business unit, making it the world’s number one for lasers applied to ophthalmology. Its devices are used, for example, to treat secondary cataracts, glaucoma, AMD (for “age-related macular degeneration”), diabetic retinopathy and retina tearing or detachment.

Thanks to its defence and space division, with its annual growth of about 30%, Lumibird is now positioning itself as a substantial player in this sector. “For example, we are developing amplifiers for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Atmospheric Lidar programme and working directly or via Tier 1 integrators to commission military lasers. Our customers are 70% international, which demonstrates the recognition for French expertise and know-how”, explains Marc Le Flohic, CEO of Lumibird. These projects, lasting at least three years, give a fine overview of the order book.


Strong growth and acquisitions


Lumibird’s strength is its ability to offer a complete service, from R&D to production, through custom manufacturing, qualification to meet regulatory standards and after-sales service. Marc Le Flohic aims to make Lumibird a player with high growth potential, with sufficient critical size to reassure customers, often large international accounts. The group, which has 500 employees, has a target turnover of €150M in 2021, excluding external growth, compared with €100M in 2018, with 80% exported. To give itself the means of achieving its goals, Lumibird raised €25.1M in May by increasing its capital. The company had already raised €7.8M in December 2018 in the stock markets. The funds raised will help finance external growth operations, especially the acquisition of new laser technologies and the development of in-house R&D.

Lumibird also acquired this summer the Slovenian company Optotek Medical (50 employees, €6.6M turnover), a long-time partner in the field of ophthalmic lasers. Joint developments by the two partners for the last twenty years has led to the appearance on the market of innovative solutions for treating secondary cataracts and glaucoma. Lumibird has been able to boost its range of laser treatment products in ophthalmology through this operation, as well as expand its range of OEM solutions in promising markets such as dermatology or ENT surgery, especially with articulated arms. Quantel Medical is thus strengthening both its R&D expertise and its industrial integration as Optotek Medical has an ISO-certified production unit.

Lumibird now has production sites in Lannion, Bordeaux, Les Ulis and Clermont-Ferrand and also the United States and Slovenia.